Tuition and Fees

If you would like to Learn Thai in Chiang Mai without paying outrageous prices, then look no further. For students who are willing to commit to at least a month of studies, our tuition rates start as low as 300 Baht per hour [in the comfort of your home (travel charge will be applied) or at our GadSuanKaew Mall location] for private one-to-one lessons. This is 30% lower than most institutions.

Tuition must be paid upfront for a minimum of 20-hrs block (paid at the beginning of the course).

Total beginners 100-hr Intensive Thai package (with certificate of completion): 250 Baht / hr

For this program you’ll study 2 hrs a day, 5 days a week for 3 months. Classes focus on basic speaking, reading and writing.

For more details contact Kruu Simon Via Phone or Line at: 083-4805254


banpasathai [at] gmail dot com


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