Interview With Kru Simon

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Interview With Kru Simon (Sommorn Kumfoopen)

How many years have you been teaching?Kru: Since 1981 as an English teacher and since 1987, I started to teach Thai.Why did you chose teaching as a profession?Kru: Educating people is the greatest way making my mind peaceful and I have been so proud of my successful learners. I chose teaching from more than 10 jobs I did in the past and I ran my own businesses before, most of them about negotiation and they consumed a lot more energy and nerve.What are your work experiences and education?Kru: Bachelor’s Degree in the field of mass communication from Ramkhamhaeng University, Bkk. graduated in 1985.

Thai for Beginners in Chiang Mai

What would you say is your style of teaching?

Kru: Friendly, negotiable and flexible with my primary style of clearness in pronunciation.

What teaching methods do you use?

Kru: Depending upon the need of students. Mainly, natural methods are preferable. I use flash cards, textbooks, and natural communication with my students to aid in his/her learning Thai. I like to mix things up and make it as fun as possible for my students.

Where do lessons take place?

Kru: At the student’s home, one to one as private lessons or a few students can be formed up a class.

What are your costs?

Kru: The cost for Thai lessons are in varieties of the distance and the number of the hours picked up each day with the same number throughout each course, a private student who studies one hour a day on Mon – Fri is 300 Bht ($9 US) /hr. A private student who studies one hour a day for for 2 – 3 days a week is 350 Bht ($10.50 US)/hr. 50 ($1.50 US) Baht off will be offered to the student who takes 2 hours a day for each hour.

Payments are done weekly. This charge needs to be paid on Monday for the whole week in advance. No compensation for the absence of the student. The extra charge according to the distance to students’ places will be applied.

A package of 20, 30 and 50 hours of Thai lessons will less the teaching charge respectively.

Baoy’s Thoughts on Kru Simon

I bought 25 hours of private lessons with Kru Simon. 4 sessions a week with each sessions being 2 hours long. I definitely recommend Kru Simon if you are looking to learn Thai. For private lessons, you can’t beat his prices. It’s even better than the prices for many group sessions offered elsewhere. Kru Simon is also very flexible with dates and time, and very understanding if you need to reschedule. What’s nice of him is that he doesn’t charge for traveling to your location (unless you are really out of his way). His teaching program will be adapted to your personal needs and preferences.

He’s constantly looking for new ways to keep the lessons interesting and exciting. Flash cards, direct conversation in Thai, story writing, and story translating are just some of the methods he uses.

After completing 25 hours of lessons (and just as much time spent doing homework), I am already able to converse with local Thais in Thai!

I recently purchased an additional 30 hours for SKYPE lessons for when I get back to Toronto!

Contact Kru Simon

Phone:  083-480-5254

Skype: simonk.chiangmai

The private classes are paid upfront in 20 hour blocks costing 300 Baht per hour.This works out at 6,000 Baht.

Extra charge of 100 Baht applied for each travel for outside lessons.